I pride myself on providing a friendly and professional denture service to my customers. Don’t just take my word for it though…

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    “I am immensely impressed by the denture service you provided, with your meticulous attention to detail and, most of all, by the excellent fit of my new denture. I am extremely grateful for your help and for the cheerful manner in which you tackled my problem. I wish you every future successwith your new denture clinic. JMW Slough”


    “Dear Andrew. I am back home and very happy with my latest dental treatment during my short stay in the UK. I am very thankful to you, not only for your competent skills, but also for your patience, for the time you took to ensure an excellent result. I shall be very pleased to recommend you to anyone who wants a good job done in a caring and friendly atmosphere. Me voilà de retour chez moi. Je suis très satisfait de ce dernier traitement dentaire et tiens à vous remercier non seulement pour vos compétences, mais aussi pour le temps pris afin d’assurer un résultat excellent. C’est avec plaisir que je peux vous recommander à toute personne désireuse d’obtenir un travail bien fait dans une atmosphère agréable et amicale.Iltaf Kiani – Switzerland”

    Iltaf Kiani – Switzerland

    “Dear AndrewThank you for your exceptional service. You were both highly professional and polite and the home visits brought me great comfort. My dentures not only feel and fit perfectly but look great too. I was pleasantly surprised that no follow up visits were required to make any adjustments. I will most definitely be recommending your services in the future. Many thanks,Mrs Marlise M Ahmed”

    Mrs Marlise M Ahmed in Slough

    “I should also like to say how delighted I am with my denture. I Hardly notice it when it in place. It is solid as a rock with none of the irritating rocking I have been plagued with in the past. I now more often than not forget I am wearing it. 2 dentists and with to 5 attempts and I cannot count how many visits for adjustments with no real success. It took one fitting for yo to get it right. Thank you so much. John Williams”

    John Williams

    “I was really impressed with your dedicated and professional denture work. Nowadays it is a breath of fresh air to find someone who gives such good service and advice and is not trying to rip you off. Good luck in the future. I will certainly recommend you to my family and friends for dentures.”

    Alfred Wilkinson – Wendover

    “It was an excellent denture service – my mum had very badly fitting dentures and is not able to leave her home now – I had almost given up hope of being able to get them sorted out but Andrew visited and was reassuring, professional, friendly and extremely helpful – he was able to reline and adjust mums denture and it now fits very well – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andrew to anyone who needs a denture fitting or adjusting – he is an extremely competent professional – thank you Andrew”

    Sally Tormey – Windsor


    Dave c

    “After having had poor fitting teeth made that broke within a year from elsewhere I would like to thank Andy for my new smile, and coming to my home, taking time and care to ensure that my new teeth would fit properly. Andy’s denture work is excellent, and I will happily recommend him to anybody. Marian Kearney – High Wycombe”

    Marian Kearney – High Wycombe

    “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Andy for the fantastic treatment you did for me at my home. I am now no longer able to get out so the service you provided was outstanding. It was a pleasure to meet you and very interesting to watch you work. I would recommend both you and your service to anybody. Phyllis Wallbank MBE.”

    Phyllis Wallbank MBE – Eton Wick

    “Thanks so much for my gorgeous bespoke dentures. They look so natural and feel very comfortable. Am truly grateful for your care and attention to detail. I can now face the world with a glorious smile, thanx to you xx”

    Andy Bishop

    “Andy brought me a whole new world by making my new dentures so perfectly. I now can smile and eat anything I like, without any fuss.Thank you Andy for doing all this for me at a great price,Ken Martin.”

    Ken Martin

    “It is a great relief when you find out that you have made the right choice when choosing a specialist, and when the results are important. I have to say that I made the right choice when going to Denture World.This was my introduction to dentures and Andy made the process very comfortable and allowed time for the information to sink in and the choices to be made objectively rather than instinctively.On top of that, I found the measuring and fitting processes precise resulting in a first denture that has been immediately comfortable. I am wearing my denture all day without any problems at all. Not only is the fit good but the colour match to the teeth either side is perfect and I am not self conscious about the visual appearance.I have no reservations at all in recommending Denture World and will be returning for any denture needs into the future.”


    “I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Andrew for fitting me in at very short notice to fix my partial upper denture which had been very poorly made under the NHS.I was unable to eat without severe pain, Andrew advised me to replace the new plate with my original one and added an extra tooth onto it, all of this was done while I waited, I cannot explain how relieved and pleased I am with his work, no more pain, I can eat, and it is so comfortable. Thank you again Andrew, I will most certainly recommend you to my friends. Cheryl ”

    Cheryl Biddlecombe

    “If you want to restore your smile – have beautiful, natural teeth once again then look no further. The entire process was superb, completely effective and throughout Andrew was considerate, kind and patient and willing to work with me to find the best solution. I cannot recommend him highly enough, nor praise his work more. He has restored my faith in dental professionals and above all has given me much needed new confidence in my appearance which is now having a positive impact in my professional and personal life. thank you so much Andrew”


    “A huge thank you for my new dentures. I have suffered no soreness, since you fitted them last week. I am so grateful to you for fitting me in and completing the work before I needed to return to Wales. I would recommend you to anyone. ”

    Liz Collins

    “I have never had a more natural looking denture than I now have. Andy is meticulous in his attention to detail, very professional and will go out of his way to ensure you are happy with the end result. I would recommend Denture World every time, with complete confidence that you will be impressed. Thank you Andy, you have changed my smile for the better.”


    “Dear Andy, Your patience and expertise are second to none. I am extremely happy with my denture and the care and attention you gave to make it a perfect fit. The ease of making appointments and being seen quickly is such a bonus. I cannot recommend you highly enough. Thank you. Barbara”

    Barbara – Maidenhead

    “Hi Andrew I just wanted to say a huge thank you , My rocky dentures have been fixed, the replacement teeth and reline meant I can smile and eat with confidence, I have even had a coconut biscuit without any food going under the plate. i will definitely recommend you. Margaret in Harefield”

    Margaret Trotter

    “Above and beyond “A fantastic service from start to finish.Results are amazing and exceeded my expectations by far. I could not recommend denture world more highly. Thank you for giving me my life back. AJay – November 16”


    “Following a broken full denture and a visit o three different dentists all of whom were unable to do a repair but charged me for the consultations.I found Denture World on line to be told that they dealt with emergency repair and got an appointment, I found not only could my denture be repaired but there was no pressure to have a new one made.It is such a relief to know that their is a service provided by Denture World for people who have denture problems and who are treated a with respect and kindness who have problems individual to them.I look forward to further visits as my denture needs change.Thank you for such a wonderful service. Carmel. High Wycombe”

    Carmel..High Wycombe

    “Many thanks for the prompt repair, I will certainly recommend you to family and friends and have no hesitation in using your service in the future.”


    “Following a broken full denture and a visit o three different dentists all of whom were unable to do a repair but charged me for the consultations.I found Denture World on line to be told that they dealt with emergency repair and got an appointment, I found not only could my denture be repaired but there was no pressure to have a new one made.It is such a relief to know that their is a service provided by Denture World for people who have denture problems and who are treated a with respect and kindness who have problems individual to them.I look forward to further visits as my denture needs change.Thank you for such a wonderful service. Carmel. High Wycombe”

    Carmel..High Wycombe

    “Having purchased a number of partial dentures from dentists over the years which have been generally disappointing in terms of fit, appearance and effectiveness at “chewing”, I have to say that I have been delighted with my new denture from Andy on all counts. The whole fitting process was simple and as a customer, my views on what I wanted were listened to and acted on. A direct relationship with the person actually making the denture really works and I would recommend Andy and his approach to anyone considering a new denture. Regards Roy Glayzer”

    Roy Glayzer

    “Andrew Yet agan at very short notice you came to my help and replaced my broken tooth thaks so much best reqards John”

    John James

    “I can highly recommend Andy. I have been going to him over the years and have always received excellent, prompt service with great attention to detail. No problem seems insurmountable to him.”


    “Thank you so much for repairing my dental plate, I must say I believe it now to be a perfect fit, for months my denture had become very troublesome, now I almost forget its there, fantastic. I must congratulate you on your friendly and welcoming clinic, your response to my initial phone call, your diagnosis of the problem, your explanation of the repair and the speed with which you carried out the work, very well done. If I need to in the future I will happily come back.”

    Bob Tibbles

    “I would like to thank Andy for his dedication in making my new bespoke denture. Having had a disastrous denture made elsewhere, I decided to approach Denture World for a consultation to try to get some idea of what can be made to give me a better solution. Andy was able to put me at ease, and as a person with anxiety issues that is a very difficult thing to do, and made me the best smile I have ever had since my Non-Denture days more than 15 years hence. His professionalism and personable manner are superb and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him both personally and professionally. Many thanks Andy (^o^)/”


    “Was nervous about going due to previous costly and ineffective experience. Andy made me feel at ease from the start of the process. Everything was explained clearly and Andy listened to what I wanted to achieve.Never felt like anything was too much trouble and not once did I feel that it was all about how much money Andy could charge but about delivering what I wanted as an end result of which I got.I would definitely recommend Andy and would now not go anywhere else.Many thanks”


    “A big thank you to Andy for all his help when I have a problem with my denture and need something done. He always manages to fit me in to see him as at times like these it is a service that is urgent and needs dealing with as soon as possible for which he is very understanding. Andy gives an excellent service and is always so professional and pleasant, I am very thankful I have found him as it takes away the worry of having a denture.I would recommend Denture World totally to anyone and wish Andy every success with his business. Thank you.”

    Sue – Stokenchurch

    “Thankyou so much for a brilliant job. I will certainly recommend you whenever I can. For anyone needing mr Dougans services, you can trust him completely to be sympathetic, caring and friendly. I shall never go anywhere else now. Thank you.”

    Suzanne Law – Prestwood

    “This is to thank you for the service you provided whilst making Mandy’s new teeth. Having run a business for 28 years I was most impressed with the detail you went into on each visit , and certainly not least of all the finished result , we are both so pleased.I was mostly impressed with your willingness to come over during the weekend and make a very minor adjustment as we were due to go on holiday a few days later. We would have no hesitation in recommending you and your excellent service If you need to use this as a testimonial please feel free to do so.Kind regards – Dave Waterman ”

    Dave Waterman – Burnham

    “I have recently had work carried out to fit new dentures. As I had tried many dental technicians over a long period for new teeth without success I didn’t hold out much hope of satisfaction. However! This time I tried “DENTURE WORLD” and it was a completely different experience! The dental technician, Andrew Dougan, was friendly but very professional. He was patient and paid great attention to detail. Nothing seemed too much trouble. The results were comfortable, well fitting new dentures which I had given up hope of ever getting. It is good to be able to give this kind of recommendation to anyone and I do so with the greatest of pleasure.”

    Audry Abraham, Haddenham

    “Dear Andrew. I am writing to thank you for the excellent service you provided repairing my broken teeth. Your pleasant manner put me at ease and i wish you all the best fo the future. I will certainly recommend you to my friends . Cathy”

    Cathy in Slough

    “I appreciate the speed with which an appointment was made and kept to. The willingness to answer questions posed and no indication that any question was too much to answer were noted. I felt that I was having work of a highly professional standard – second to none being carried out.”

    Mrs Waveney Munroe – High Wycombe