Denture Moulds & Denture Impressions Explained

Before any denture treatment, I always take a full medical history and ensure your medication is noted to assess and minimise any risks.

Taking The Dental Impressions

There are several different types of dental impressions and different ways that I can take dental moulds, depending on the case specifics or complications, as well as taking the patient’s health into account. Some patients have a dental phobia or have a gag reflex when having dental moulds and dental impressions done. These problems can easily be overcome with improved impression-taking techniques. Patients I often see who had a gag reflex when dental impressions were made are often pleasantly surprised how easy it is with better-improved techniques and fast-setting materials to overcome these dental phobias.

The Complete Set Improvised Copy Denture Impressions Technique

If you wear a complete, full set of dentures, the best and most accurate way to get all the measurements needed will involve using your existing teeth to create the moulds without the need for alginate impressions in trays.

This often involves adding a small amount of soft wax (to improve the impression results) to your dentures before placing them in your mouth with a thin layer of flavoured impression silicone in them. This allows me to either copy or change any aspect of each denture (appearance, fit and settings), resulting in fewer appointments and more accuracy with dentures that are easier to get used to without affecting your speech.

Once these dental denture moulds are done, I then cast special plaster into your existing dentures on-site in my dental laboratory to get all the measurements needed, then give you them back, so you don’t have to go without your denture for any longer than an hour.

This denture technique is also a far easier process for the patient.

Taking Dental Impressions In Trays – Made easy For Patients.

If I need to take dental impression tray moulds, I can make them set in 20 seconds by using colour changing alginate and warm water, which I often do for nervous patients, have breathing difficulties or have an easily triggered gag reflex. I also use plastic disposable impression trays that are a nice easy, comfortable shape to use.

The Denture Treatment

Denture treatment varies from one appointment up to sometimes double figures.

Once the dental moulds are done, several wax try in fittings are needed for me to check all the measurements and for you to see how they look. This is where we chat and discuss what you think about the appearance of your new dentures. The actual denture teeth are set into pink wax so you can put them in and have plenty of time to look at them in the mirror. Working with you and prompting you to help give me your opinion,  I will often make an adjustment to improve the appearance by moving the teeth in the wax. For example, if you wondered if your new denture would look better with slight small gaps between the denture teeth or a bit irregular, we can try moving them to give you a preview as when making changes, you can not tell until you see it for real. This can sometimes take several fittings to achieve the results we want.

Free Consultation & Advice

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a free denture consultation, please contact me directly on 01628 521003 or email me.

The Denture World denture clinic was originally established in 1989 on the Maidenhead side of Slough on the Bath Road near Burnham Train Station, so, at present, a majority of patients live in Slough, High Wycombe, Windsor and Maidenhead.