Denture Problems?

We offer Friendly, Professional Denture Advice.

Free Denture Consultations

Andy has always provided unhurried FREE denture consultations to gain as much information about each patient and their denture history as possible. For partial dentures, we need a prescription from your dentist that outlines the health of your remaining teeth before designing your denture. This enables him to determine what can be done for each patient to solve any denture issues and determine what cosmetic changes are required for you. He can only then layout and explain all your denture options and costs so you can make an informed choice to help you make the right decisions for your denture treatment.

As a clinical dental technician, it is vitally important to gain proper insight into my patients’ needs and concerns to give them the best possible denture treatment.

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I often say, “it’s like being a denture detective!” as I will always ask a few questions about your dentures and any problems you have with the fit, function and appearance of them. I will also need to take a look inside your mouth to have all the necessary information that will allow me to provide you with the very best dental advice and discuss the appropriate treatment options during your free consultation.

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New Dentures

There are many types of dentures available. I will show you these, together with various teeth and the associated costs involved with each set of denture combinations. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision as to which set of dentures you prefer. Together, we can then decide upon the right course of action and denture treatment for you. A written treatment plan with costs clearly outlined will be left with you for your no-obligation consideration.

Free Advice

Whatever problems you have regarding your dentures, I am always happy to offer denture advice. After discussing the cause of your denture issues, I will help you make the right decisions to solve them.

Denture Problems Solved

For over 30 years, I have literally seen thousands of patients who have suffered from either poor dentures that look nothing like their real teeth did, or painful, loose or weak dentures, after having been told that nothing more could be done for them. These are all problems that I can help you with.

Get in Touch

If you are experiencing any discomfort with your dentures or would just like some friendly advice, please give me a call on 01628 521003 or email me, as I am very experienced at solving all kinds of denture problems and will be happy to help.