New Denture Prices

We offer a Private Denture Service Which Is Not Covered by The NHS

All new dentures involve one quote with no additional appointment costs. Each new denture includes a One Year Money-Back Guarantee, plus an aftercare service for adjustments.

At Denture World, we do not do budget economy NHS type dentures, as we feel it is not possible to offer satisfaction at those prices with the cheap kinds of teeth and acrylics that would need to be used. The most important difference is that low price listed dentures, as often advertised, places limitations on time spent with each patient to ensure their satisfaction. Most patients don’t relate to the fact that they are paying for the time and effort needed to handcraft their new dentures and problem solve on a case by case basis.

  • Easy cases – for either a small upper or lower replacement partial acrylic denture with no clinical problems to solve and only a couple of appointments needed.
  • Moderate cases -with some problem solving and several more appointments needed.
  • Complex Cases – more difficult cases where a lot more clinical and laboratory time is needed.

Each case has a different difficulty rating affecting the denture’s kind and design, the amount of clinical time needed with the patient, the laboratory manufacturing time and the kind of materials needed, which is why we offer free no-obligation consultations.

There are vast differences in natural mouth shapes, jaw/bite positions, health of remaining teeth and missing teeth combinations as well as all the kinds of denture teeth and materials available for us to use, so to generalise with an easy ‘one size fits all’ price list would be foolish and unrealistic.

Prices can vary from £400 to over £2000  depending on case difficulty and which materials they are made of.

Complete Full Dentures 

There are many combinations and complex variations with different clinical needs to be used as a rough guide to give you an idea of the denture categories.

Essential Replacement Dentures

With the essential denture, we have a natural-looking mid-range tooth selection to choose from with realistic shades. These dentures have hi-impact denture bases and are guaranteed against manufacturing faults for 12 months. Clinical time is included in basic problem solving and improving aesthetic results.

Premium + Enhancement 

For our Premium enhancement dentures, we have several teeth ranges to choose from. They offer us a fantastic range of options for different bite types and enable us to enhance your smile. They are outstandingly natural and hard-wearing with an extensive range of shapes, sizes and shades. The natural individual shapes and aesthetics of these new generations of characterised composite denture teeth often allow us to give patients whiter teeth that still look real. Much more time is needed, both clinically with you and in the laboratory, for gum contouring. We encourage patients to find an old photo showing their real teeth as we can copy how you used to look. We often encourage you to take home the unfinished wax try-in dentures to have a look in your own time and show family or friends. We can easily make changes at this stage if needed. This can really help to make sure you are happy with your new look before your new dentures are finished without feeling under pressure at the surgery. They are Guaranteed against manufacturing faults for 18 months. Enhancing your appearance and lip support takes up considerably more clinical and laboratory time, reflected in this option’s cost.

Changing denture tooth settings / shade / size / position

As each case is so different, it is impossible to generalise the needed changes. Usually, there is a combination of varying problems between aesthetics and fit/function. That’s why consultations are free, so we can plan your treatment and assess what is possible for each patient to find out what is required. Some dentures can be fitted with only 2 or 3 appointments, while others may take well more than 10 to complete to ensure your satisfaction.

Free ‘No Obligation’ Consultation & Advice

To arrange a free denture consultation, please contact us directly on 01628 521003 or email us and let us help you ‘Smile With Confidence’ again.

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