Are you unsure about Dental Implants? A Denture may be a cost-effective alternative.

The latest kinds of modern Dentures can be a fantastic dental solution for many patients without Dental Implants’ when they are well designed, well made and fitted correctly. I meet many patients who are unsure if they should have Dentures or Dental Implants? The simplest solution is to book a free consultation to determine if a Denture could work for you. Many of our thousands of satisfied patients have found that a denture fits their needs and have saved themselves the pain and cost of implants.

Click here to Book now for a ‘Free No Obligation Denture Only Assessment if:

  • If you are worried about the pain and high cost of Dental Implants
  • If you have a plastic temporary denture that you are unhappy with
  • If you are concerned that Dental Implants seem like your only option
  • If you would like a free consultation to explain the various denture options and their suitability for you and summarise whether a denture would be successful for your specific case. I can show you examples of all the different kinds.

I often successfully treat denture patients without the need for dental implants who thought that implants were the only option for their replacement teeth. With the high costs involved for implant-retained dentures, most patients could initially try having a denture fitted instead at a fraction of the cost and then dental implants are always an option afterwards. Dentures, when made properly, are excellent for the vast majority of my patients, as I have only had to refer just a few people each year for dental implants.

This is why you must have an expert denture only consultation as well as your implant consultation. Hence, you have all the information needed and can make a proper well-informed decision. I have been making great dentures without the need for implants for over 30 years.

So if you are considering implants, come in and see us see if a denture will suit you and your pocket! Let us help you make an informed choice.