Gaps left in teeth not only look, and feel, unappealing. They can cause issues with eating and speech, which nobody wants- especially at Christmas time. Instead, you want to be socialising and enjoying time with family, along with eating your Christmas meal without fuss.

A well made pair of dentures can give you that much-needed confidence, remember when you used to love your smile?  We can help you smile with confidence again.

Dentures are not like the false teeth of bygone days – some people still think of dentures as the comical image of a set of false teeth in a glass by their bedside. Modern techniques have moved denture treatment on, they can fit snugly over the gums, and look and feel great.

There are two types of dentures, which could suit your specific needs: complete dentures, which are a full set, and partial dentures, which only replace certain teeth which are missing. Take a look at our website for an overview of the the different types of options available.

If you require a dentist for dentures in Berkshire, you’ll be in safe hands with Denture World.

Based in Flackwell Heath, near Maidenhead, we are centrally located for those living in Berkshire. With our quality cosmetic new dentures, you’ll have a stunning new smile in the new year.  We also offer an emergency denture repair service, relines and we can add teeth to existing dentures where you may have had teeth extracted after your denture was initially made, all services available to you in order to maintain your new teeth.

However dont just take our word for it please see here for some kind words from many of our satisfied clients.  For more about us click here.

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