There are so many people who are uncomfortable and unhappy about their teeth – this can lead to people having low self-esteem and being afraid to smile. Here at Denture World we want to help our clients in any way we can. We are denture technicians who used to be based on the Bath Road in Slough, we relocated to our new clinic in Flackwell Heath in 2012.  We have seen and solved all sorts of denture issues and have over 30 years of experience.  Let us transform your life by with our expertise and create a hand made bespoke denture for you.

Here at Denture World we offer a variety of specialist denture clinic services to best meet your needs. We allow our clients to come and see us to explain in detail all their denture problems in our denture care centre during a free consultation. We can help with while you wait denture repairs and explain about all the process involved in making new dentures from kinds of impressions, types of teeth we use and denture adjustments if you’re having any problems with your current denture.

Over the last 25 years there have been thousands of patients who come in and speak about their issues and past experiences with dentures; sometimes they have received a poor service or their dentures just do not look anything like real teeth. This is not acceptable and not something you should suffer with and this is where we can step in to create a perfect denture for you which looks realistic using our face mapping techniques.

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