Dentures often get a lot of bad press because when poorly made, they can look unsightly, cause pain and discomfort, may get dislodged easily and cause difficulty speaking and eating. This is why clinical denture technician Andy at Denture World has spent nearly 30 years working with dentures and can provide his clients with a first-class clinic that specialises in the manufacturing, care, repair and adjustment of dentures.

Visiting your dentist when you have a problem with your dentures won’t always get you the result you’re after. Dentists are highly skilled in all aspects of oral health but Andy only deals with dentures and is a Clinical Dental Technician and is able to provide the expertise needed to his patients to offer the best quality denture solutions.

The facilities at Denture World are second to none and include an on-site dental laboratory, comfortable waiting room and easy access car parking where Andy personally makes each patient’s dentures. Andy also operates an emergency dental repair clinic for clients needing urgent repairs to their denture. For the competitive price of just £50, your dentures can be repaired while you wait within an hour in the comfort of their waiting room or private side room. Your dentures will be restored back to it’s original condition before the damage occurred, even if it has broken into several pieces.

Located in Flackwell Heath, with easy access to the M40 patients travel from Burnham, Maidenhead, Marlow and Oxford to have their dentures cared for by the team at Denture World. Andy’s clients are always impressed by the standard of denture work, and that is why they have no hesitations in choosing Denture World as their first port of call when any problems arise.  Take a look at their testimonial page to read what their clients are saying about them.

If you would like to discuss your treatment options regarding your dentures, Denture World offers every patient a free no obligation consultation. When choosing Denture World, you’ll have your smile and confidence back in no time at all.

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