Are you unhappy with your current dentures? Do you need to have them repaired?  We can fix all broken dentures, chipped teeth and cracked dentures.  At Denture World, we see this quite often, also clients whose dentures are uncomfortable, poorly fitting or just struggling to get along with them, we can help here too. If you require a denture repair in Maidenhead, then please call us on 01628 521003 we offer a one hour while you wait service in our onsite laboratory.

We deal with all types of denture issues and have had the equipment to restore your denture back to it’s original condition before the damage occurred, even if broken into several pieces within the hour. With our modern on-site denture repair clinic laboratory, we are able to offer an emergency denture repair service to fix all broken dentures on site while you wait. We will be able to fix your dentures and have them return to you within an hour. We have a comfortable waiting room where you are welcome to wait. Some other places offer denture repairs, however its likely you will have to leave your denture with them and be without it for several days which can be stressful and frustrating unless you have a spare pair of dentures.  Our one hour while you wait denture repair service offers peace of mind.

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