Do you need an emergency denture repair in Berkshire? Are you worried how you’ll get it sorted before an important event? See how our team at Denture World can assist you. We have an on-site denture repair laboratory, meaning we can create your dentures in our onsite laboratory and carry our denture repairs while you wait instead of being without your denture or waiting for another return appointment.

Even if your dentures are broken into several pieces, we can restore them back to their original condition – giving your teeth that fresh feeling all over again. The repair usually only takes 45 minutes to complete, so the time without your dentures is for only a short period. We take your feelings on board and have a private room if being without your dentures causes you embarrassment.

On top of this service, we can re-adjust your dentures if they are uncomfortable. Our team will assist you by giving you a free consultation on your dentures. After that, we can help with relining the teeth on your denture or adding additional teeth if your dentist has removed one.

Denture World serves Berkshire and Buckinghamshire with top quality denture work and ensure that you are comfortable and confident with your new teeth. To book a consultation or find out how we can help you, please fill out our enquiry form or ring us on 01628 521003 for honest friendly advice.

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