Chrome cobalt partial dentures

Chrome cobalt dentures are thin, lightweight alloy castings. They fit around your real teeth housing the pink gum part and denture teeth as a combination of materials joined together. They have several big advantages over acrylic partial dentures but again, only when well made, designed and fitted. We get patients with new private chrome cobalt dentures they cannot wear due to poorly made, the wrong design, or just don’t fit.

  • Chrome alloy metal dentures are not available on the NHS due to the higher cost of manufacturing them.
  • Chrome cobalt dentures have the best strength of all partial dentures yet are a business card’s thickness.
  • They help prevent neighbouring teeth from moving out of position and drifting.
  • Chromes help make eating easier and more comfortable.
  • They are better for your overall oral hygiene.
  • They are thinner and far less intrusive for patients with sensitive gag reflexes.
  • They are far easier to get used to and speak with
  • They can often be designed to be smaller, covering far less surface area and uncover your palate.
  • Chromes can have superior flexible tooth shade or clear, flexible clasps, which improves your smile.
  • They do not taste metallic.
  • They do not set off the scanner in airports.
  • They are not visible as they are housed behind your teeth.
  • They do not go rusty – I have returning patients with chrome dentures I made over 30 years ago.
  • But they do understandably cost more and take much longer to make with more appointments to do them properly.

The three main reasons I make my patient’s chrome cobalt dentures is

  • Their acrylic denture kept cracking, breaking or teeth came off
  • They could not tolerate the acrylic dentures smooth, thick, plastic feel, often with lisping issues
  • Their acrylic denture was loose. We can make Chrome Dentures tighter with special flexible clasps

First Impressions of Metal Dentures

Patients’ first reactions are often not very positive as all you can see out of the mouth visually is shiny metal. I have to say that how it looks is completely irrelevant as in the mouth, the only thing you will be conscious of with any denture s the thickness of it as nobody can see it. If I think a chrome is the best option for you and you are not sure, I often state that I will refund you if you cannot wear it. I explain this several times a week in practice.