Broken denture? In need of emergency repairs near Maple Cross? Get in touch with Denture World, we have over 30 years of experience in creating beautiful cosmetic dentures and fixing them too.

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We offer specialist one-hour emergency denture repairs near Maple Cross, on-site from our state-of-the-art laboratory.

If you’ve broken your denture, we can fix it! We regularly provide professional repairs for cracked, chipped and broken dentures, returning them to their original condition.

It is important that you avoid trying to fix your own denture. DIY repairs can hinder professional repairs because, on occasion, such attempts have made it impossible to mend a denture.

What Our Patients Say

“Thank you so much for repairing my dental plate, I must say I believe it now to be a perfect fit, for months my denture had become very troublesome, now I almost forget its there, fantastic. I must congratulate you on your friendly and welcoming clinic, your response to my initial phone call, your diagnosis of the problem, your explanation of the repair and the speed with which you carried out the work, very well done. If I need to in the future I will happily come back.”

Bob Tibbles

Why Denture World?

Denture World offers the best quality emergency denture repair Maple Cross. We have extensive experience and are well versed in putting all of our patients at ease. If your denture has broken, visit Denture World near Maple Cross, we:

  • Repair snapped dentures
  • Strengthen dentures
  • Fix cracked or broken dentures
  • Add lost denture teeth
  • Fix chipped denture teeth
  • Mend broken gums from dentures
  • Include clasps to partial dentures
  • Provide denture cleaning

Contact Us for Emergency Denture Repair near Maple Cross

Visit us for emergency denture repair, we offer a while-you-wait service and often have dentures repaired within the hour. We can also solve any problems you are experiencing with your denture and return a smile to your face. Call us on 01628 521 003 or email us and schedule your while-you-wait emergency denture repair.