Changing Denture Tooth Settings

If changes are needed to your appearance, I can easily change the tooth shade or size and position. We have a huge range of gender-specific denture teeth to choose from for each patient. This does, however, usually increase the amount of time and appointments needed to achieve optimum results. We often get you to find an old photo showing how your teeth used to look (if you liked them), which can be used to help select the correct shape and size of denture teeth and how to position them for your individual characterised appearance. As each case is so different, it is impossible to generalise the needed changes. Usually, there is a combination of varying problems between aesthetics and the fit/function. That’s why consultations are free, so we can plan your treatment and assess what is possible for each patient to find out what is required.

Restore Your Natural Lip Support

I see many patients who have denture teeth that look false because they are set in the wrong position relative to their lips, with the wrong size and shape of teeth. I can easily work out how to change these settings to improve your appearance. Providing proper support for your top lip with cosmetically pleasing denture teeth that are angled correctly can transform your look for both smiling and talking.