The latest kinds of Modern Dentures can be a Fantastic dental Solution for many patients without needing Dental Implants, when well designed, well made and fitted.

I'm not sure about Dental Implants? Will a Denture work for me?

Call Me For a Denture Only Assessment if:

  • If you are worried about the pain and high cost of Dental Implants
  • If you are concerned that Dental Implants seem like your only option
  • If you would like a free consultation to explain the various Denture Options and their suitability for you and summarise whether a denture would be successful for your specific case. I can show you examples of all the different kinds of dentures and help you to make the right choices

Can a Denture Work Without Dental Implants?

The simplest answer is yes, they can, but it depends on several important factors.

  • Firstly how well designed and made the denture is.
  • For partial dentures, which kind is made, acrylic or chrome cobalt alloy?
  • Most importantly, your remaining tooth positions, jaw-bite relationship, tooth shapes, and angles are unique to each mouth and dictate what is achievable.