If you are wearing new dentures, you will need time getting used to them  – this is especially true if you are wearing dentures for the first time.

Speaking with new dentures – getting used to dentures

Some patients find their speech can alter slightly (especially pronouncing “s” and “f” sounds) whilst getting used to the new shape of their dentures; this is only a short term inconvenience.

We recommend reading aloud and practising counting the numbers 65 up to 77 as these sounds can be the hardest to get used to.

It is also usual for denture wearers to produce more saliva, which can also affect speech when getting used to a new denture because your mouth thinks your new dentures are food. This inconvenience is again short term, which will be resolved once your mouth becomes accustomed to the new dentures. We recommend swallowing more regularly and sipping water more often. Alternatively, try sucking on a boiled sweet or mint.

 Eating with new dentures.

At first, you may not find it easy to eat with new dentures when compared to your old set. Please do not give up and revert to your old set of dentures because your mouth needs time to adjust to your new dentures.

For those patients wearing new dentures, we recommend the following during the initial adjustment period of eating with dentures:

  • Start with soft food cut into small pieces and chew slowly, avoiding hard sticky foods.
  • Chew slowly using both sides of your mouth at the same time to prevent the denture from dislodging.
  • Try chewing up and down rather than side to side.
  • When you become used to your new dentures, you can return to your normal healthy diet.

Sore Areas

Your mouth may likely have changed shape a great deal since you last had new dentures. At Denture World, we create your new dentures to fit the shape and contours of your mouth. This can result in pressure points and sore spots developing under and around your new dentures during the first few days of wear. This is perfectly normal but should it continue, we can alleviate any discomfort you experience by adjusting the denture surface. Please do not adjust your new dentures yourself. If the irritation is very painful, stop wearing your new dentures and contact us; we’re happy to help.

If you are wearing partial dentures, please try not to bite your partial dentures into place as this may loosen and break the clasps and damage your mouth. If you need further advice on inserting your new partial dentures, please contact us; we’re happy to help.