Hassle-Free Denture Adjustments

Dramatically Improve the Look and Feel of Your Dentures.

I can often adjust your existing dentures without the need for you to have new dentures made.

While-You-Wait Denture Services

  • Can you reline my loose chrome alloy or acrylic denture? Yes, while you wait.
  • Can you add a new tooth to my denture straight after extractions? Yes, after prior consultation and agreement with our dentist, all done while you wait.
  • Can you adjust my old denture, which has become painful? Yes
  • Can my cracked denture or broken denture be repaired? Yes, while you wait.
  • I have a chipped denture tooth/ I have lost a denture tooth; can it be replaced? Yes, we can add a new tooth while you wait.
  • Can a new clasp be added to my partial denture? Yes, in most cases, while you wait.

Denture Relines

In some cases, I will be able to reline your existing dentures to make them fit more comfortably while-you-wait.

Additional Denture Teeth

I often add new teeth to my patients’ existing dentures when real teeth have been extracted by their dentist or our dentist, with prior arrangement. If you book a denture adjustment appointment with me in advance before the extraction date, you won’t need to leave your dentures with the dentist to be sent away. I can add just a single tooth or several teeth to your dentures straight away, depending on which tooth it is once your anaesthetic has worn off; for big solid molar teeth or if there is an infection, we usually have to wait a bit longer until it is ok to add new teeth to your denture.

For the Very Elderly and Infirm

Often with varying reasons for elderly patients with different ailments, weight loss can make dentures loose, so I will often advise them to have their old dentures relined and adjusted (I call it cheating) instead of having new dentures made. This is usually a far easier solution as often in my experience, the change of having to get used to new ones can prove difficult for some patients.

All relining and new tooth additions are done while-you-wait with my on-site dental laboratory service.

Free Consultation & Advice

To arrange a free denture adjustment consultation in South Bucks & East Berks, please contact me directly on 01628 521003 or email me.