Do You Need While You Wait, Emergency Denture Repairs Staines?

At our on-site denture repair clinic near Staines, we provide emergency denture repairs to fix broken, chipped or cracked dentures while you wait!

When your broken dentures need repairing, Denture World professionally restores your denture to its original condition. So don’t despair, even if your denture is broken into several pieces we can fix it, without you having to wait for days to get it back. We urge you not to attempt DIY repairs, denture repair kits or superglue often just create a bigger problem, making it more difficult to repair properly.

denture repairs StainesDenture World Can Repair Your Denture

We can repair dentures while you wait at our on-site dental laboratory near Staines. We offer denture repairs when they have sustained damage in a multitude of ways.

  • If your denture has snapped, we can fix it.
  • If your denture needs strengthening, we can make it thicker.
  • If you’ve cracked or broken your denture, we offer a while you wait repair service near Staines.
  • If you have chipped or lost a denture tooth, we can replace the tooth.
  • If the pink gum breaks off of your denture, we can replace it.
  • If you have attempted to repair your denture with superglue or a DIY repair kit, we will look at the damage and advise if repair is possible.
  • If you need a new clasp for your partial denture, in most cases we can accommodate this while you wait.
  • If your dog has chewed your denture, in most cases we can fix it, as long as you have all of the pieces.
  • If your denture needs cleaning, we can do this while you wait.

One Hour Denture Repairs Near Staines – Service With A Friendly Smile

At Denture World, we provide emergency denture repairs often within an hour. Put the smile back on your face and come directly to our private denture clinic near Staines.  In most cases your dental surgery will send your denture away for repair, leaving you without them for days, when Denture World offers fast results within the hour.

What Our Patients Say

“I would like to thank Andy for his dedication in making my new bespoke denture. Having had a disastrous denture made elsewhere, I decided to approach Denture World for a consultation to try to get some idea of what can be made to give me a better solution. Andy was able to put me at ease, and as a person with anxiety issues that is a very difficult thing to do, and made me the best smile I have ever had since my Non-Denture days more than 15 years hence. His professionalism and personable manner are superb and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him both personally and professionally. Many thanks Andy (^o^)/”


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