Broken dentures can prove embarrassing and uncomfortable, but help is at hand with the Denture World while-you-wait denture repairs near Bracknell.

Denture Repairs Bracknell

At Denture World, as well as creating beautiful cosmetic dentures, we also offer emergency denture repairs. We provide a while-you-wait service to mend cracked, chipped and broken dentures. All repairs are carried out from our state-of-the-art on-site dental laboratory near Bracknell, often within an hour.

What Our Patients Say

“I can highly recommend Andy. I have been going to him over the years and have always received excellent, prompt service with great attention to detail. No problem seems insurmountable to him.”


Our Denture Repair Services Bracknell

Are your dentures causing you problems? Denture World can help by carrying out essential repairs and alterations as necessary. Our expert denture technicians are on hand to repair your dentures however serious the damage may seem.

We are capable of restoring dentures to their original condition, and can even strengthen them if necessary. Just please avoid DIY denture repairs as this can lead to fixes taking longer or in some cases make it impossible to mend.

Repairs we carry out at our on-site dental laboratory near Bracknell include:

  • Stain removal
  • Broken/cracked denture repair
  • Adding teeth to existing dentures
  • Denture strengthening
  • Replacement of chipped or lost teeth

Why Denture World?

Denture World has over 30 years of experience, as such we create the best kind of denture, one you can wear and forget it’s even there. We specialise in solving denture problems, allowing our patients to smile again!

Get in Touch for Dental Repairs Bracknell

If you require emergency dental repairs Bracknell, book your appointment with Denture World today. Call 01628 521 003 for while-you-wait repairs and you’ll always receive service with a friendly smile.