What is a CDT Clinical Dental Technicians
What is a CDT

About Clinical Dental Technicians

Patients now all have a choice. They can get dentures from dentists that send them to laboratories to be made, or choose to see a Clinical Dental Technician who is trained specifically just to provide dentures directly with no "middle person".

Clinical Dental Technicians are now officially a part of the dental team treating denture patients directly and keeping records the same as dentists.

CDT's are not dentists. They offer a whole new experience to the denture wearer. In their hands, patients will benefit from the undivided attention and creativity of a Denture Expert who is experienced, highly skilled and qualified to design, hand craft and fit dentures, overseeing the whole process from the laboratory to the patient.

CDTs (Clinical Dental Technicians) deal directly with denture patients, taking impressions, making and fitting their dentures - one person from start to finish. CDT's are trained and qualified to provide a range of denture services direct to patients that were previously only available through a dentist.

"The best skill I have attained in a dedicated career working as a full time Clinical Dental Technician for 20 years, is the ability to listen and to interpret my patients descriptions regarding cosmetic needs or problems with the fit and function of their dentures".

"The personal experience gained as a clinician has greatly improved my ability in designing and making bespoke new dentures in my dental laboratory.  I will discuss your exact denture needs with you, then using my expertise will translate your wishes into your new appearance and also cure any problems with the huge advantage of being able to do all the laboratory work for each patient myself ".

"I aim to make the whole process as quick easy as possible for all my patients".

It is important to remember that only registered Clinical Dental Technicians holding the qualification Dip CDT RCS (Eng) and Dentists are licenced to provide denture treatment in the UK.

Normal Dental Technicians are not trained in cross infection control, patients record keeping, oral cancer screening and many other important factors to insure patients safety.


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