Should I have dentures or implants?
Should I have dentures or implants?

Are you wondering whether you should have dentures or implants?  
The chances are that you most likely do not have any idea what you want or what you should have. You can opt to go to your regular dental practice or you can choose  to see an experienced Clinical dental technician at Denture World that specialises in dentures; who will be able to give you your denture options and explain in great detail what is best for you and your teeth with the pro’s and con’s of having a denture made or dental implants as well as the costs. With the services of Denture World, you can be sure to receive the best dental advice and denture service available.

Your real teeth are always taken for granted until suddenly the worst thing should happen; it’s the same with anybody with teeth related issues. When you have a missing front tooth, or even several teeth, then it can have a huge impact on your life. It shouldn't though, because there are several denture options to make your smile complete again usually without the need for dental implants.
With the confusing options of Dentures versus implants you need to have everything explained to you during a free consultation without any textbook jargon so you can make an informed choice.

At Denture World we are experts at helping patients wear dentures without the need for dental implants so you can be sure of an unbiased and well informed opinion on how successful a denture would be for you before going down the expensive and often painful implant route. The main factor that makes the difference is which kind of denture, for example acrylic versus a much thinner and stronger cast alloy denture, which won't affect your speech which is easy to get used to.

The Denture World clinic is open and willing to help from Monday to Saturday each week. Whenever you are free, then why not come by for a free consultation, and see what Denture World can do for you in their newly renovated clinic with on-site dental laboratory.

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