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Dentures or Dental Implants ? Denture repairs, Denture Problems, Denture Adjustments. Choosing the right denture service can often be confusing

Dentures or Implants?

Do I Really Need Dental Implants or will a Denture be my Solution ?


False Teeth Options and Advice 

 Some common questions asked about types of false teeth by those wearing or considering wearing dentures are listed below to help you make the right choices. If you cannot find your question answered on this page, please contact me for free advice.

Do I need new dentures or an adjustment? You can answer that yourself

The  5  Yes or No Denture Questions

1        Are your dentures painful? 

2        Do they look false and feel bulky?

3        Do they keep breaking?            

4        Do you have trouble with eating or speaking?

5        Are they loose fitting?

              If you answer yes to any of these 5 questions above call for a FREE Consultation to discuss your options. I can help you make the right choices with FREE  advice. 

Common Denture Problem Related Questions

I am dental phobic - can you help?    

Yes. I treat lots of  patients that are scared of the dentist. They all find my informal relaxed approach easy to cope with. I like to explain everything about denture options and put people at ease.

I have loose teeth and need to know my denture options.

Not to worry as I can work in conjunction with your dentist or recommend one to extract loose teeth so I can make an emergency denture for you.

I have never worn dentures before and need advice with my options

I can easily explain all your denture options to you. Call me for free advice to make the right choices.

Do I have Dentures or Dental Implants? Will a Denture work for me?

I often successfully treat denture patients without the need for dental implants that had been persuaded that painful and expensive implants were their only option. With the costs involved with implant retained dentures most patients could try having a denture done properly at a fraction of the cost first, and then dental implants are always an option afterwards. Dentures when made properly are perfectly fine for the vast majority of patients as I only need to refer a few people each year for dental implants. If you feel that perhaps you are being fast tracked into having implants without all the different kinds of denture treatment options being thoroughly explained to you, or mabey only in a negative way with the increasingly common sales lines playing dentures down and promoting implants then call me to book a consultation. It is vital that you have a proper denture only consultation as well so you can make a proper well informed choice. I have been making great dentures without implants for over 25 years. My advice is free.

I tried to wear dentures but could not get used to them as they feel so false.

The kind of denture and it's design have to be right for you. I often help patients that have had NHS dentures made that they can not wear. There are several options we can use to solve denture problems.

Can a tooth or several teeth be added to my denture?

Yes. I often add teeth to dentures while my patients wait . If you book with me before a dentist extracts your teeth I can add new teeth the next day.

My old worn teeth just need renewing as I cannot chew properly.

I can copy your old dentures and make new ones that are the same as when they were new which makes them easy to get used to.

My lip is sunken in and not properly supported by my denture.

Your facial lip support can be greatly enhanced by correctly designed dentures. Common denture problems that I often help my patients with.

My dentures keep breaking.

It is easy for me to analyse why this keeps happening and to work out a design to solve the problem.

My dentures are causing me pain.

Both new and old dentures can cause you pain. With a free consultation I can always help by finding out why you are in pain. I have lots of techniques and experience to solve problems with dentures.

My first ever new teeth affect my speech.

There are several options for new dentures like paper thin chrome alloy dentures which are also stronger that enable you to speak properly which feel far less false.

My new dentures are unwearable- my teeth feel and look false

The design, shape and thickness of dentures varies immensely so working out what is wrong with them tells me your denture options and how to solve the problem. They do not have to feel and look unatural.

My new dentures make me gag when I put them in.

The design and size of your teeth needs changing. Normally an easy process to achieve good  results.

If you need any FREE advice please call or email me via the contact me page

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