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Denture Costs - The Denture Prices Vary With So Many Choices Of Treatment
Denture Studio Prices

New Denture Prices in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire

Private Denture Service - Not Covered by the NHS

All new dentures involve one quote with no additional appointment costs. Each new denture includes a 1 Years Money Back Guarantee, plus an aftercare service for adjustments.

At Denture World we do not do budget economy NHS type dentures, as we feel it is not possible to offer satisfaction at those prices with the cheap kinds of teeth and acrylics that would need to be used as well as placing limitations on time spent with each patient to ensure satisfaction. 

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  • Full Complete Denture  - from £600
  • 1 - 3 Tooth Hi-Impact Partial Dentures  - from £400
  • Stronger Thinner Chrome Cobalt Vitallium 2000+Alloy Dentures with quality teeth  - from £900 
  • Tooth Coloured or clear invisible Flexi Clasps priced each with Alloy Dentures - £50
  • 1 Hour while-you-wait Denture Repairs at Denture World in Flackwell Heath From £50
  • Teeth added to existing dentures cost £90 While you wait- without an impression
  • Denture Prices for relines £150 while you wait - make your denture fit better
  • Local Home Visits Quoted on an individual basis if available

The cost of dentures depends on first deciding which is the best type of denture for you as well as how difficult your individual case is - which greatly affects how many appointments are needed, as well as the many different kinds of teeth and materials that are available to choose from.

Each case is different and so are the costs involved - which are always more than standard NHS  Economy new dentures, due to the vast difference in the quality of materials used and the time involved to maintain the standards I always work hard to achieve.

Each patient has different needs and expectations which greatly affect the differences in the time needed to work on each case.

Some dentures can be fitted with only 2 or 3 appointments, while others may take well in excess of 10 to complete them to ensure your satisfaction.

Time, expertise and experience are all part of my service - you are paying for quality, hand-crafted dentures. To give an exact dentures cost before assessing each patient is not really possible. That's why I offer free denture assessments to give you all the options and dentures costs upfront so that you can make an informed choice with my help and advice for optimum results.

Therefore, my selling point is not one of the cheap denture costs, but of ensuring all of my patient's satisfaction based on my care and attention to detail, with the unique experience I have gained over the last 25 years.

I need to asses you and your dentures which involves lots of questioning and a full oral examination to evaluate the best options to advise you on the cost of dentures.

For varying reasons with some patients due to their age, health, coordination, and dentures, I can sometimes simply adjust the existing dentures, as new dentures could be too difficult to get used to, which actually reduces the dentures cost in your favor.

Free Consultation & Advice

To arrange a free denture consultation in South Bucks & East Berks, please contact me directly on 07970058506 or email me.

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Dental Clinic in Flackwell Heath, High Wycombe, Bucks

  • Emergency Denture Repairs While you wait.
  • Having Dental Implants or New Dentures ? Problem Solving.
  • Teeth Added, Relines and alterations while you wait.
  • Latest True Life Effect Denture Teeth and Techniques.
  • Dental Clinic with On - Site Dental Laboratory.
  • Denture Technician Direct Treatment.