Denture Adjustments Denture repairs, teeth added, relines and alterations - all done while-you-wait. Available across South Bucks and East Berks.
Denture Adjustments

Hassle-Free Denture Adjustments

Dramatically Improve the Look and Feel of Your Dentures.

 I can often adjust your existing dentures without the need for you to have new dentures made.

Denture Relines

In some cases, I will be able to reline your existing dentures to make them fit more comfortably while-you-wait.

Additional Denture Teeth

I often add new teeth to my patients' existing dentures when real teeth have been extracted by their dentist. If you book a denture adjustment appointment with me in advance before the extraction date, you won't need to leave your dentures with the dentist to be sent away. I can add just a single tooth or several teeth to your dentures the following day, once your anaesthetic has worn off.

All my denture repair work is done iwhile-you-wait - with my dental laboratory service in South Bucks & East Berks.

Free Consultation & Advice

To arrange a free denture adjustment consultation in South Bucks & East Berks, please contact me directly on 07970 058506 or email me.

The Denture World denture clinic was originally established on the Maidenhead side of Slough on the Bath Road in Cippenham near Burnham Train Station over 20 years ago so at present a majority of patients are in Slough, High Wycombe and Maidenhead

Denture World Quality

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  • Denture Care Centre
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Dental Clinic in Flackwell Heath, High Wycombe, Bucks

  • Emergency Denture Repairs While you wait.
  • Having Dental Implants or New Dentures ? Problem Solving.
  • Teeth Added, Relines and alterations while you wait.
  • Latest True Life Effect Denture Teeth and Techniques.
  • Dental Clinic with On - Site Dental Laboratory.
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