Unsure about getting Dental Implants or Dentures? Pro's and Con's?
Unsure about getting Dental Implants or Dentures? Pro's and Con's?

Do you need advice about getting Dentures versus Dental Implants in Bucks?

The latest kinds of Modern Dentures can be a Fantastic dental Solution for a large majority of patients without needing Dental Implants when well designed, well made and fitted.

DENTURE WORLD in Flackwell Heath near Beaconsfield are Denture Technicians working direct with patients the same as Dentists for dentures.

  • FREE Denture v's Dental Implant Assessments
  • Denture problem solving
  • Emergency denture repairs while you wait
  • New denture design experts - latest materials and techniques
  • Teeth added to your denture while you wait
  • Denture Relines while you wait

Our Denture Technician Andy Dougan CDT RCS (Eng) has a wealth of experience having worked as a full time Clinical Dental Technician hand crafting new dentures for his patients direct from the dental laboratory since 1989.

Andy only works with dentures in his laboratory as well as seeing patients directly so if you are unsure about getting gettting dental implants in High Wycombe or have denture problems with fit - function or aesthetics give Andy a call for honest friendly denture implant advice in Bucks. Dental services not covered by the NHS.


Book a FREE Denture V's Dental Implant assessment with our Denture Technician - Call Us Today on 01628 521003 or email us.

Most people do not realise that they can now go direct to a denture technician for dentures, instead of their local dentist.

If you are registered with a local dentist  in High Wycombe , Maidenhead or surrounding areas we can work along side them for you with your denture treatment or recommend a nice dentist in your area.

So if you are unsure about dental implants in Maidenhead or denture implants in Marlow or the Slough area call us.


Denture World Quality

  • Dental Clinic Open Mon - Sat
  • Denture Care Centre
  • Dental Laboratory
  • Emergency Dental Repair Services
  • Dental Implant V Denture Advice

Dental Clinic in Flackwell Heath, High Wycombe, Bucks

  • Emergency Denture Repairs While you wait.
  • Having Dental Implants or New Dentures ? Problem Solving.
  • Teeth Added, Relines and alterations while you wait.
  • Latest True Life Effect Denture Teeth and Techniques.
  • Dental Clinic with On - Site Dental Laboratory.
  • Denture Technician Direct Treatment.